Friday, December 23, 2011

Cradle Cap and Traditions

I figured out why Catholics anoint their babies with holy oil. Its to deal with cradle cap.=) Okay, so that isn't really funny, but I did just douse Meredith with olive oil-for cradle cap, and one thought led to another. Forgive me.=)
My gifts are all wrapped and under the tree. Last evening Brian and I spent a little over an hour finishing them up. I gave him all the hard ones to wrap since "he loves wrapping." It was not that big a chore. It was just looming, making it seem insurmountable. The chaos that has been growing in my laundry room for the past month has finally been put to rest.
The Hippie household is being a bit flexible with our Christmas traditions this year. Not willingly, but of necessity. I mean, what's up with Christmas being on a SUNDAY? Okay, I know, I know. Christmas is all about celebrating Christ's birth. Christmas being on a Sunday should be no big deal. But I have struggled with this one. I am probably the only ungodly person out there. But, we have traditions! This is totally screwing them up. For instance, take sleeping in on Christmas morning. All snug in bed, "mama in her kerchief, papa in his cap" thing, just hoping the kids will sleep in until 8:00ish too. The kids sleep on the pull out bed by the tree, and anticipation just ramps up. Well, if we have to leave for church by 9:00, there is no sleeping in. And how about leisurely opening gifts eating Christmas Eve appetizer leftovers (which is a problem in and of itself as the Bff and fam deserted us for FL this year. Sun, heat, swimming outside vs. Christmas Eve with the Hippies. I just don't see the draw.=)) while opening gifts in our pj's after reading the Christmas story from the Bible? No pj's this year, we will be up and dressed and out the door in our Sunday best. It would be weird to put the pj's back on. Or how about Christmas brunch? Eggs benedict with coffee and oranges. Who wants that after church at 2:00 in the afternoon? Plus you have the additional dilemma of what to eat for breakfast, because I am not adding the stress of hollandaise on top of getting 4 kids out the door. Really, this is so inconvenient!
As I was sorting through these thoughts a week or two ago, I realized that priorities really need to get in line. It is Christ's birth we are celebrating, and many people go to church anyway on Christmas morning. If they can do it-with a good attitude-so can I. Plus, what am I teaching my kids if I am complaining about this? Not the "reason for the season".
So, our weekend is going to look more like this...
Today is the Hippie husband extended family bash. It is always loud and wild. Absolute chaos! And I love it. I am very excited to see everyone! It has been a year for some of them, and months for most of the others. We will eat great food, have lots of present giving and even a talent show. I have a story to tell, and my kids are saying their poems. We are going to par-ty. I can't wait!
Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, we are going to do the whole sleeping in thing. And then get up and have a slow cup of coffee, and make our eggs benedict. I am sure it will taste as good tomorrow as it would taste on Sunday. Then, we are making a couple appetizers for dinner that didn't make an appearance last week, and we have a monopoly game scheduled. Totally different than normal, but good different. And the kids will still sleep by the tree.
Christmas Day, I am going to get up at an ungodly hour to make cinnamon rolls for church. Then I am going to try out a new pumpkin chocolate chip baked oatmeal thing for breakfast. It will be easy and delicious. And we are going to do our stockings before we leave. A nice teaser. And then we will head to church for a couple hours of worship and quiet contemplation. I think that is going to be the best part. To stop, and listen. (one of my earlier goals, remember?) Then we will come home, and eat leftovers and open gifts. And that evening we will hang with my brother and his wife. Its a bit of a change...the BIG change is in the attitude. Flexibility, peace, reflection, family time. It will be great.

Though I can't help remembering Tevia,

"Tradition, traditions...without our traditions our lives would be as shaky a fiddler on a roof.=)"