Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just Starting Out

As I contemplated starting a blog, I wondered, why? Aren't there enough other people talking about themselves? What would make mine any different?
I guess I can say, this won't be a rant or political blog. I vote, I occasionally read the Drudge report, and I read the funny columns in the biweekly political magazine we subscribe to, but I'm really not "in" to politics. Though I can be described as a barefoot hippie, I would never be described as "green". I believe in conservation, not tree hugging. I don't recycle, though my husband's scrap metal recycling pays for a lot of our dates. I eat healthy-lots of fruits and vegetables-but I don't do organic. Probably if there is a band wagon, I'm not on it.
See, I've always been a do my own thing kind of girl. Even when everyone else looks at me like I'm crazy. That's why I didn't wear panty hose at my wedding, I have home births and I believe in "just saying no". I was raised in the 80s, and learned that lesson well, though I don't think I apply it the way it was intended.=) I made a decision at age 12 that I wanted to serve Jesus Christ with my whole life, whatever that would look like. He is my Lord and Savior-He died on the cross to pay the price for my sins. I owe Him everything. And I try to filter every activity though that filter.
So, though this won't include politics, or rants, it will maybe cover a little bit of everything else. I love to cook and try new recipes-so maybe I'll include some of those. I have 4 kids-Brian Marcus(9), Ethan(7), Elsie(4), and Meredith(3months), whom I love, and with whom I spend a ton of time, so it may have some stuff about them. I love my husband, Brian, too. We've been married for 10 years, and our favorite thing to do is spend time with each other. So, I will probably talk about him too. I love eating out, when I'm not cooking, so maybe I will share some restaurant reviews. I'm always reading, so maybe I will review a book or two. I swim and run for fitness and fun, so I'm sure those activities will get time too.
Life isn't just about the "big" things. The mountains. It is about the everyday WALK. I hope to share some of that...what my life consists of, what's happening, what I'm learning. All the little stuff that makes life very enjoyable.